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Created 23-Jun-14
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AlexanderSinging happy birthday to Sidney - emily spencerSidney blowing out the cakesinging happy birthday to XanderRick getting Xanders cake readyLighting Sidas cake - xander clint Morgan Jenn Megan Tyler Sally Dillon Sida SpencerCake cutting time Jenn Sallymmmmm Goood Jennifer Sally SidneyServing Cake  jenn SallyLooks like Emily & Sammi approve of the cakescan you hear Dillon saying REALLY your taking my picture nowXander morgan dillon spencerNiki & Puppy - looks thrilled doesn't heenjoying sidneys cakeI would say Morgan likes the cakeRich gets his bday present early from his MomRich the party animalRich trying to decipher his gift by reading the boxRich & Niki both think way cool - new Shot glass shelvesNiki gets new clothes from Sally

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