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Created 15-Jan-15
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0001 Dad watching Superbowl on his Birthday0002 Megan bringing in the Birthday Cake0003 Dad laughing at getting his cake0004 Dad takes a good look at his cake0005 Dad blowing out his candles0006 Tamra, Mom, & Emily watching the blowing out of the candles0007 Ryan having dinner0008 Rich saying Dont Take My Picture0009 Rich watching the Superbowl0010 Issac & Anabell0011 here is why Dad was laughing at the cake not enough red food dye0012 I told Bell to leave the cake alone0013 Bell rolled her eyes at me and dug in the cake anyway0014 When I snapped at her again, she acted all innocent0015 Emily playing peekaboo around the table0016 Emily0017 Bell & Gramma0018 Gramma giving Bell whip cream0019 Tam & Bell are tired & heading home soon0020 Megan & Niki

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