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Created 12-Mar-14
164 photos

Ft laurdale XanderFt Laurdale Sida & RichFr Laurdale geocaching in the gladesFr Laurdale Rich geocaching at Hummingbird HillGoing to be a sunny GeoCaching Day Rich & ClintRich & Clint looking for Gravel in my TravelClint & Rich looking for gravel in my travelRich looking for gravel in my travelClint being a tool user to get gravel in my travelRich & Clint at Gravel in my TravelRich Niki Clint caching in the countryNiki & Megan out caching in the countryMegan & Niki caching in the countryPerfect Dirt Roadwe cached a lot of county line roadsKansas fieldsClint headed down Mud n RoadClint saying you guys comingNiki & Rich walking down dirt roadClint finds cache

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