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Created 4-Mar-16
52 photos

I believe this is Xander the Wild BoyLafayette & Puppy inspecting the work zoneLafayette is curious what were doingLafayette is watching us at workLafe is trying to figure out the noise Sidney's ornament is makingNiki caught hanging some ornaments 2Niki caught hanging some ornamentsNiki hands Xander the Christmas story LEG ornmant, COOLNiki hanging ornmentsNiki is having funNiki with Iseral nativity that Sally gave herNiki, Sida, Xander putting up the treeNiki, Xander, & Sida getting the ornaments outPuppy's been checking out the Christmas tree box and is taking a breakRich has his Marvin the Martian OrnamentRich is caught by the camera on a run byRich is hanging his own personal ornamentRich is hanging the family portrait ornamentRich's Grinch faceRich's special smile for the camera

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