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Created 23-Jun-14
29 photos

Mom rode Freckles and I LeoMom & Nikis shadows on the KS praprieKanapolis prairiewe went up and down lots of steps like theseheading down the trail toward Horse Thief Canyon following other ridersLeo checking out the grade of the slopecoming up to a water crossingLooking down the slope were riding alongcool rock outcropping were all around usLeo moving down the trailcan't get much more perfectLater we will be riding across these rock ledgesit was so pretty out on the trailNiki & Leo on the trailnot a power line in sight - how goregousHere comes Mom and Freckles behind mewould have loved to been here last week when the thistles were all in bloomLeo waiting hs turn for a drink of waterLeoHelens turn to let her horse drink - helen is in the stripes

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