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Created 22-Jun-14
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Downtown KC from our hotel balcony 2Downtown KS from our Hotel BalconyUntitled #3Didn't bring the tripod and ISO on 70 isn't so great - but this is kind of fun in a psychadelic way KC DowntownIn the hotel roomKemper Art MuesumSteamship Arabia Paddle whell normally runs broken the day we were there - starting to notice a trend on thisSteamship Arabia hull & RudderSteamship Arabia glass bottles for saleSteamship Arabia anything you could want was on the shipSteamship Arabia these came from passenger trunksSteamship Arabia jewlerySteamship Arabia wedding bands for saleSteamship Arabia solid gold trays and crystal lampsSteamship Arabia truly bringing the luxeries to the WestSteamship Arabia dishes and dishes and dishesSteamship Arabia canning jarSteamship Arabia Cling & Megan the window is made from some of the boxes of window glass panes they foundSteamship Arabia labeled for school house in NESteamship Arabia cases of lucifer sticks and they tried some - they worked

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