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Created 22-Jun-14
21 photos

Clint playing in the snow and yes those are socks on his hands - their family goes through gloves like something youve never seenTyler rolling snowIssac building his creation of snowIssac hard at workHailey lost in playEmily out in the snowLooks like tyler is making wheels hmmmmXander out in the snowxander watching Tyler work - oh the wheels make the columnsmmmmm Rick caught int he act of snowballing someoneXander watching Spencer at workIssac rolling wheelsBell inside of a snowfortRick does not appear amusedDillon gathering sticks for their creationHaving used all the close snow Xander and Sidney are wheelbarreling in snowwhat in the world are they buildingClint and tyler and Xander rolling more wheelsOkay it is starting to form into something says Jenn & Rickfrom inside the snow structure

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