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Created 28-Jun-14
23 photos

eeew icky pumpkin guts  spencer & Nikipumpking gutsNiki & Spencer clean out the pumpkin 2Niki & Spencer having funNiki & Spencer clean out the pumpkinA pumpkin carving with SpencerNiki & Spencer cleaning out a pumpkinEeeww pumpkin guts and their cold     SpencerMoments later Spencer figured out you cant pull two handfuls of seeds out at the same timeSpencer Going for the seedsNiki showing Spencer how to use the saw bladeSpencer carvingboy this is hard workSpencer carving awaySpencer doing the finishing cut ont eh right eyeNiki helping spencer with the cutsyou cant see it but Niki is using ALOT of bicep to carve this tough pumpkinHalf way there and Nikis hands are TIRED  you would never believe how tough this pumpkin isSpencers Sheer ConcentrationLook how thick the rind is on this pumpkin

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