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Created 4-Mar-16
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Elmo AnabellElmo Anabell 2Elmo Anabell 3Elmo Anabell 4Hunt Team #1- claiming this is their evil addressHunt Team #1- claiming this too is an evil addressHunt Team #1- Dave grabs a shot of his bad boys of Rock n RollHunt Team #1- Dave is showing them the money TAKE TWOHunt Team #1- Dave is showing them the moneyHunt Team #1- Dave, Jenn, & Rich outside the Red Garter, the Evil AddressHunt Team #1- Dave, Jenn, Judge, & Rich with their Krispy Kream hatsHunt Team #1- Jenn & Dave hanging out with ElvisHunt Team #1- Jenn is being bad with SantaHunt Team #1- Jenn with her Best Western Clerk and OH the bar of soapHunt Team #1- Jenn, Judge & Dave hanging out with ElvisHunt Team #1- Judge shows off a Rock & Roll Bad Boy SLASHHunt Team #1- Judge, Dave, Rich at HootersHunt Team #1- Judge, Dave, Rich with a picture of an animal holding a vegtableHunt Team #1- Rich shows us how to make our own macremeHunt Team #1- says AH LOOK YOUNG LOVE

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