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Created 22-Jun-14
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Emily & Sammi's BirthdaycakeEmily & Sammi with thier cakeGathering around the ckae Emily Hailey Bell SammiSinging Happy Birthday Emily Dillon Hailey Bell Sammi SidneyEmily Sammis cakeEmilys birthday cake blowing out the candles Hailey and Dillon watchingSammi with her cakeParty Guests bree Mom Dad Tamra Sammi Sidneyparty guests Mom Dad Tamra Issac Autumn Morgan SidneyParty Guests Jessie anita Brian Ron KellyEmily licking the icing from her candleSammi licking the icing off her candlesMegan & EmilyBree & SammiBree & Sammi 2Megan & Emily 2Emily Xander Dillon SammiEmily present timeSpencer & DakotaCool shirt for Sammi

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