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Created 22-Jun-14
25 photos

Cowtown Sammi in the jail cellCowtown Morgan checking out the jail lockCowtown  WOW look at this yell Morgan and SammiCowtown  Morgan just saw I had the camera outCowtown  Morgan checking out the display case in the MercentileCowtown  Sammi sashaing down the mercatileCowtown  Sammi & Morgan were really interested in all the cool stuffCowtown  its nice and cool down near the floor or so Im toldCowtown Time for Games Morgan getting ready to throwCowtown Time for Games there goes Morgans throwCowtown Time for Games Sammis upCowtown Time for Games Both of Sammis throws went through a circleCowtown Time for Games Sammi & Morgan with thier prizes - they are whistlesCowtown Time for Games here they are with their prizes offering kisses with the lady running the prize bootscowtown Happy Fourth of July from Sammi & MorganCowtown just not cowtown if you don't get ot work the pump as Sammi is doingCowtown  Sammi is watching the water come out of the pumpCowtown  Sammi working the pump while Morgan patiently waits her turnCowtown Morgan finds she isn't quite strong or heavy enough to work the pumpCowtown  So Sammi gives Morgan a hand witth the pump

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