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Created 12-Mar-14
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geocaching JillGeocaching Jill just found cacheGC the first time the Avalanche went outGC Rich Headed down the hill to search the cliff sideGC Chataqua CountyGC Sidney caching along Highway 166GC largest cache weve found Rich SidneyGC Sidney on Sedan KS yellow brick roadGC Sedan KS Sidney on the Yellow Brick RdNiki aka WichitaRed out having funNik aka Wichita RedGeocaching is all about signing the log gettting the star and the ADVENTRUE of FUNJessie signing the logIt was windy but still a fun day out with JessieFreedomJessie signign the logWind blowing through the American Legionfound another Benchmark todayKansas FieldsJessie finding a cache

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