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Created 3-Jan-20
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Birdie Rich 2Birdie RichEmily washing tree sap off her hands from geocaching in parkGeocaching Sidney Emily SpencerEmilyEmily Spencer Sidney RoscoeEmilys 1st visit to Coranodo HeightsSpencer Roscoe Sidney Emily at CoronadoMegan Spencer hiking at coronadoSidney Emily Spencer Megan through the windows of CoronadoSidney EmilySelfie Shot Megan EmilyMegan and emilySpencer at Coronado HeightsMegan in the wind at Coronado Height 2Megan in the wind at Coronado HeightMegan Spencer Emily in the wind at Coronado HeightsSpencer inthe wind at Coronado HeightsCoronado Heights Niki Sidney Emily SpencerCornado Heights Niki Sidney Spencer Emily Megan

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