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Created 4-Mar-16
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13th & was just black right around us and to the East....sunny13th & Ridge...its spiraling and building directly above our heads in the dillons parking lot13th & Ridge...the colors were changing & twister action was very close42 headed west toward clearwater, slight dropping of funnel42 headed west toward clearwater, storm is starting to suck in surrounding windsCan't tell it from the shot, but these clouds were circling pretty goodclouds are so cooleast of Clearwater 2East of Clearwater it is building with intensityEast of Clearwater the clouds are really rolling inEast of Clearwater the storm is buildingEast of Clearwater...its coming in, we had up drafts of COLD aireast of ClearwaterEvery corner at this clearwater junciton had various storm chasers ready to go to work...watching the lay of the stormFollowing the storm chasers into the mixfrom blue to black the sky was changing color quicker then you could spin aroundKansas stormsN 61st & Broadway..and it breaks to move onN 61st & Broadway..I dropped off Brian & drove from Sun into this black stormN 61st & Broadway..KFDI said no rotation, yet sitting on top of the Radio Ranch was this slow turning mass

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