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Created 15-Jan-16
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A little bit of Americana postcardA little bit of AmericanaAlright give a me a good reason for not enjoying the great outdoors by GeocachingAlright I look at this and feel like going geocaching right nowAnother day to perfect to be indoorsArriving at a new search spotAnother log found and signed by Team RedRockbarbed wireCach site Im watching the Deere   JohnCaching in Rosehill  NikiCaching is bestest fun  really and trulyCharging after the next cache Sammie Emily Zach Dillon Morgan Tylerchecking the GPS for next spot Tyler Rich Bree common occurenceClint & Rich GeocachingClint Rich Tyler Dillon Spencer Emily runnign playing and throwing hedgeapples at each othercool we found an Ammo BoxCydnee at the Gateway to Wichita or Cacheway to Wichita depends on what you knowCydnee putting the cache back togetherCydnee searching for a cacheCydnee taking time to note the local signage

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