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Created 28-Jun-14
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Dillon Sidney Emily Bell watching SoapyMorgan Sammie Keira Emily watchingSammi Niki Emily Bell Xander Tyler Dillon Spencer Sidney watchingMorgan and Sammi watchng  Sammi's not too shurebell keira sidney emily dillon tyler spencer xander watchingthe kids watching soapy 2the kids watching sopayKeira bell tyler dillon spencer xander emily sidneyEmily watchingXander Tyler Spencer watchingBellEveryone watching Xander & SoapyNiki keira emily bell spencer dillon tyler xander sidneyEveryone watching Sidney and SoapySidney helping SoapySidney helping Soapy 4Sidney helping Soapy 3Hailey & Gramma watching the showTamra Jenn Bree enjoying the showJenn Bree Hailey Mom Lynette Megan clint ron Issac watching

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