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Created 4-Mar-16
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Ah, Bell baby looks sadAs you can see, Emily is talking to me 2As you can see, Emily is talking to mebell & Rich playing in Mardi Gras beads 2bell & Rich playing in Mardi Gras beadsBell decorating herselfBell in the ornament basket 2Bell in the ornament basketBell is proud of all her beadsBell is sharing with EmilyBell is trying to steal my camera, that is the strap around her neckbell placing a hat on emilyBell strutting about Splash of ColorBell strutting aboutDave putting socks on Emily's cold feetEmily & Dave looking at the beadsEmily is showing the bulb to LafayetteEmily wearing Mardi Gras beadsEmily's peeling her beads offHere is Emily describing her day 2

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