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Don't promise me the moon or the stars, just promise you'll stay under them with me forever.
RedRock Dad&Me 0172RedRock Dad&Me 0171RedRock Dad&Me 0170RedRock Dad&Me 0169RedRock Dad&Me 0168RedRock Dad&Me 0167RedRock Dad&Me 0166RedRock Dad&Me 0165RedRock Dad&Me 0164RedRock Dad&Me 0163RedRock Dad&Me 0162RedRock Dad&Me 0161RedRock Dad&Me 0160RedRock Dad&Me 0159RedRock Dad&Me 0158RedRock Dad&Me 0157RedRock Dad&Me 0156RedRock Dad&Me 0155RedRock Dad&Me 0154RedRock Dad&Me 0153

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