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Created 4-Mar-16
104 photos

Anthony 002Anthony being taught how to play pitchAnthony listening to the guys joke aboutAnthonyATV- Anthony & Emma, she's waving helloATV- Anthony & Emma, windwihipped & havin' funATV- AnthonyATV- by Michelle & Emma's grins...they enjoyed themselvesATV- Michelle & Emma being wild women...bewareATV- Michelle & Emma getting ready to take offATV- Michelle & emmaATV- Michelle is loving the bikeATV- Michelle is really having a blastATV- Michelle, nothing like 4 wheeling to bring out the kid in yaATV- zip there goes Michelle & EmmaBree hanging out on the deckBrian & Sammi, boy is she being seriousBrian & SammiBricks- getting a full load through sand...that's work...Lew, DaveBricks- Lew is loading his free bricks

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