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Created 5-Mar-16
38 photos

Bell playing at the couchBell wants to play foozballBree is taking self portraits at this partyBree trying to play innocentBrians game face he's playing air hockeyI think we get this shot of Jenn at each partyimagine that Rich's tongue is sticking outIt's IssacJenn & Niki having a dancin' good timeJenn indulging in evil cheese cakeJenn, Bree, & Rich say HAPPY NEW YEARLafe is reffing the game between Brian & ChrissyNew Year- Bree, Brian, Sam, Niki, JennNew Year- Bree, Brian, SamNew Year- Issac lighting the bottle 001New Year- Issac lighting the bottle 002New Year- Jenn & BreeNew Year- Jenn scoresNew Year- LafayetteNew Year- Niki & Jenn playing air hockey

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