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Created 29-Jun-14
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0001 Xander before the clippers begin0002 Meg says are you ready - are you sure bw0002 Meg says are you ready - are you sure0003 Meg says here we go0004 The first line is made - no return now0005 Meg is too excited0006 Meg & Xander0007 bzzzz the clipper are running strong0008 Clipping clipping clipping0009 shaving it off0009 Xander is quite pleased with himself0010 Jen can't believe she is letting him do this - Rich thinks it is all hilerous as you can see0011 made it to the other side0011 Jenn came in to check progress - now she's really not sure0012 moving along0013 by this point there is hair all over the studio0014 Sidney is not too sure about this at all0014 Clint thinks it looks cool0015 getting closer0016 Sidney says I don't like it - don't cut all his hair off

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