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Created 15-Jan-15
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Nickie the Artist - tintingNickie the ArtistThis is Frank standing in front of some of the artwork he creates - tintingThis is Frank standing in front of some of the artwork he createsSaturday working the booth was non stop peopleNiki & Frank working the front of the booth0001 On the way to the Faire - Lafe and Lauren in the back seat0002 This is Lauren's Cousin Jill, she just moved to the midwest from NJ0003 Jill is excited this is her 1st Renn Faire0004 Jill, Niki, Lafe walking in and there is so much to see0005 Niki & Jill say, come on Lauren let's go look0006 Niki is thinking about buying a new hat0008 Niki peeking in the mirror to see what she thinks0009 Lauren snaps a cool artistic shot of Niki0007 Niki tugging the hat down to check its fit0010 One more peek in the mirror, Niki can't decide if she needs the hat0011 Niki decides yes, she needs it - Luster0011 Niki decides yes, she needs it0012 Jill watching the people walk by0013 Jill as a sassy pirate gal

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