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Created 15-Jan-15
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Lafayette is tuckered outLafayette always likes to stay near our stuff when at someone elses houseLafe is such a happy dogLafe is always inquisitiveLafe has become a rather patient dog as he agesLafe has such expressive eyesLafayette is now 16 months oldWhen Im working during the day, Lafe crashes in the hall where he can watch meTrixie was charging up and down the hall leaping over LafayetteLafe had been following Trixie around, but got bored with itif you tap your fingers on the floor & calll her, she slowly comes to youTrixie is really deveolping a personality and shes oneryThis is Trixie hopping about the house one afternoonTrixie likes to hang out near Lafe, her security blanket basicallyLafayette & Trixie have become pals

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