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Created 15-Jan-15
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0003 Issac sharing fruit with Bell0004 Donna, Boz, Isaiah, Isabella0006 Sammi, wow is she growing0002 Treats made by Tamra0001 Anabells 2yr old bday party0008 Poor Bree is trying to look happy0010 Xander explaining the remote control car use0011 playing at the party0012 Bri with Jessie hammin for the camersa0013 Samantha & Zack came to have a good time0014 bubble time0015 bubble time0007 I love how casual Brian & Jess look0016 Bree, Sam, & Niki headed to the playground0017 cool capture of Samantha0018 Sam patting Phoenyx on the way by0019 bubble time0020 Phoenyx dipping in the bubble pan0021 Niki & Sammi playing bubbles0022 Amy blowing bubbles

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