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0054 Beecher Bible Church  Irisis0062 strike another National Landmark from the list of need to sees0063 Constition Hall0064 Lecompton KS0065 LeCompton Constition Hall0093 CSA momentos0132 Battle of the Hemp Bales0133 Battle of the Hamp Bales272MO Lewis & Clark Monument Plaque274MO Lewis & Clark354MO Boonville county museum355MO Boonville county museum0383MO flags of the divided Civil War384MO divided at home385MO glags of the war386MO flags of the war402MO Boonville County Musem Love the faces of the past portraits403MO rarely do you see scene darguatypes404MO we forget how young they were in the civil war408MO Boonville County Musem

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