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Created 4-Mar-16
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cedar point KS- Rich & Lafe watching me take Mill picturescedar point KS- Rich is telling Lafe to NOT come and help me take picturescedar point KS- well they had a post office & that was itcedar point- a piece of KS pastcedar point- gold on the cottonwood riverCedar Point- Old MillCedar Point- Old Train Depotcedar point- piece of history that is ready to fall downCedar Point- reflections of Fall in the Cottonwood River, KScedar point- river guardiancedar point- the mill is cracked and ready to tumble into the riverCedar Point- Trains ain't stopped here in a long timecedar point- we pulled off just to take this pictureEmporia- Jenn & Lafe bondedemporia- Jenn babysat Lafe for usEmporia- Lafe chewing his bone and relaxingEmporia- Niki & Xander playin' SorryEmporia- Niki, Sida & Xander playin' SorryEmporia- Rich & Rick stoically watching tvEmporia- Sidney's turn at Sorry

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