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Created 24-Apr-19
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People of the PlainsPeople of the Plains- Hamilton Tacoma tintypePeople of the Plains- Hamilton TacomaPeople of the Plains-15 Hamilton Tacoma 2People of the Plains-15 Hamilton TacomaPeople of the Plains-17 flynnPeople of the Plains-18 FlynnPeople of the Plains-19 flynn sepiaPeople of the Plains-19 flynnPeople of the Plains-20 Flynn 2People of the Plains-20 FlynnPeople of the Plains- esther 2People of the Plains-26 cris 2People of the Plains-26 CrisPeople of the Plains-27 cris sepiaPeople of the Plains-27 crisPeople of the Plains-28People of the Plains-29 bufflao soldier sepiaPeople of the Plains-29 bufflao soldierPeople of the Plains-30 Buffalo Soldier

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