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Nichole  Nichole P. Conard, Wichita KS

CELL PHONE: (316) 258-3344

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Hello, my name is Nichole have been a photographer, in truth since my Grandparents gifted me a camera at age eight. From that day, I began journalizing my life and striving to perfect my art. For over 20 years, I have been taking portraits professionally.

As a photographer I have earned scholarships, seen my work published in year books, magazines, newspapers, and international print ads. As I moved down my road of life, I taught college photography classes and I was fortunate to be employed by a large photography corporation which allowed me to continue expanding my skills. I have earned the titles of certified international photographer trainer, head of the digital studio testing, district manager/head photography of Picture Park and head marketing/advertising photographer. I look back on my life and feel pleased with my accomplishments which have allowed me to grow as a person as well as a photographer.

To create RedRock, had been my dream for as far back as I can remember. When my journey led me to the opportunity to step out on my own, it had to be the scariest and most full-filling choice I ever made.  Now, here stands RedRock, 12 years later a fully fledged studio built on the experience and wisdom I garnered throughout my life.

I can state, without hesitation that with RedRock Photography you will find everything you are looking for in a photography studio….without a single gimmick or trick. Here at RedRock, we are fun, casual, and professional and I personally look forward to meeting you soon.               

As RedRock grew and grew and grew, it became obvious I would not be able to run it any longer and maintain my high quality standards by myself.  So I turned to Jennifer, my Sister-in-law for nearly all of my adult life. She has traveled many roads with me as I have with her and her original curiosity of photography led her into a journey of artistic discovery.


 Jenn Jennifer Baldwin, Emporia, KS

CELL PHONE (620) 341-1564

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Greetings, I am Jennifer Baldwin. I have been with RedRock Photography for six years. I am full time Mom, a college student, a wife, and photography is my escape to have fun. I can’t wait to meet new people and create new works of art. I became interested in portraiture photography truly because I was the only one willing to hold Nichole’s expensive cameras and hence take her portrait when she started out so many years ago. But, once I became a mother, photography suddenly became much more important to me, which enables me to relate better with children. My interest was further peaked as I moved into college photography classes and photojournalism. Being an ESU photojournalist has allowed me the opportunity to experiment and expand my skills in unusual lighting situations giving me a full understanding of how light truly relates within a portrait. I recently earned my first degree at ESU Magna Cum Lada and I am currently working on my double masters in Instructional Design and Technology and American History. And yet, I still truly enjoy the creativity and fun that photography provides which is why I became an owner in RedRock Photography. With my previous experience as a church administrator, I also work well with minsters and churches for weddings ...which means I can answer just about any wedding question you might have. See you soon.

Our idea is to create portraits that bring out a person’s true personality. Yet, we want to work smoothly and casually with you and to have fun. Let us show you how enjoyable and relaxing a portrait session can really be. We listen to your ideas. Because, we realize that we can only expand as a photographers and as people by considering others ideas. We can also say with complete confidence, that once you've had your portraits taken, we will part as friends. We can say this because, we have lists of clients that come to us for their portrait needs and for the simple reason…that RedRock is a completely different photography experience from any other firm you have ever dealt with. We are down to earth, creative, relaxed, fun, and believe above all else in quality. The portraits that you take home, we want you to be proud of and before you can be proud of them….we must be proud of them.

Contact us soon for a session, we look forward to making new friends each day….and can’t wait to hear from you.


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